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Kissing under the Mistletoe - Northern vs Southern Hemisphere Christmas Romance

By Alyssa J. Montgomery

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We're all aware that while Australians often swelter in heatwave conditions on Christmas Day, people in the Northern Hemisphere can be snowed in.

There are an increasing number of Australian-themed Christmas cards such as Santa with his surfboard, and kangaroos pulling his sleigh, however the majority of Christmas cards still depict raging fires, Christmas bells, and snow scenes. Partly, of course, this stems from the fact that many who've migrated to Australia have come from the northern hemipshere. But, is it true, that many of us are "Dreaming of a White Christmas" because there's something more romantic about a "Winter Wonderland"?

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When I was asked to write a Christmas-themed romance, I chose London as my setting without any hesitation because Christmas in the colder climate of the northern hemisphere has always held more appeal to me. Maybe it's partly because I'm relaxed and on holidays when I'm there, but I think it's more to do with the amazing Christmas lights (which can be appreciated more because it gets dark earlier), the carollers who sing in the streets, the draw of the European Christmas markets and wandering through them drinking mulled wine. There are so many people out on the street enjoying Christmas cheer in a period of the year where the climate would otherwise keep them indoors and I find it a magical mood.

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Traditional Christmas carols and songs like "Frosty the Snowman" make more sense in the northern hemisphere and I adore the sounds of church bells ringing all through the UK and Europe. I also love being able to eat traditional European Christmas fare and being able to rug up in layers of warm clothing rather than worrying about the extra kilos being on exhibition at the Aussie beach later that afternoon!

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Interestingly, a reporter in the UK Daily Mail in November 2013 wrote "Forget about Summer Loving...Men are more amorous in winter." Research showed that "bedroom activities heat up as temperatures cool down." It makes sense. How good is it to stay in bed snuggled up on a cold winter's morning, or to slip under the blankets early on a cold winter's night? It might be cliched, yet it is romantic to be able to snuggle up in front of a fire, and of course, there's always an opportunity for a romantic spark to ignite when mistletoe abounds!

Whichever hemisphere you're in, if you're in the mood for a heart-warming romance this Christmas I hope you'll check out my latest title, "The Magic of Christmas", published by Escape Publishing (Harlequin Enterprises, Australia). And don't forget that some of the authors from Breathless in the Bush have also released an anthology of short Christmas stories, so you can catch up with those if you haven't already (Buy links in the column on this blog!)

Love to Love: Romantic interludes in a cold, preferably snowy, climate.

Love to Laugh: During Snowball fights.

Love to Learn: Sandman or Snowman? Given a choice, which would you prefer to be making on Christmas Day? Do you prefer the idea of Christmas romance in the northern or southern hemisphere?

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Mindfulness - What is it and Why Does it Matter?

by Enisa Haines

Do you find yourself sometimes losing concentration? Your mind wanders and soon you're lost in thought. We all do it but there are times, especially for writers, when keeping focus is essential. If we don't focus on the writing we won't finish our stories.

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How can we ensure focus, foster creativity and stay in pursuit of our writing goals?

Some writers recommend slow, deep breathing, silently counting breaths. Some use meditation, sitting in silence, becoming aware of thoughts and working to understand them. Some take walks, relaxing via a change of routine. I recently discovered a third way. Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is being consciously aware of the present moment, focusing on that moment, paying attention to it. Being consciously aware helps keep other thoughts away and shows that the present moment is what matters.

For writers the present moment is the act of writing or editing or proofreading without thinking about anything else

How do we achieve this? How do we become mindful writers? Breathe, meditate (even if only for ten minutes), be consciously aware of the present moment - combine the three. Practise this and your mind clears, any fears and insecurities you have disappear, and instances of writer's block are overcome.

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I've been practising mindfulness over this past month and when I sit down to write my mind no longer wanders. Distracting thoughts don't pull me away from the writing. With mindfulness I remain focused and words fill the page. And isn't that what every writer aims for?

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Have you tried mindfulness? Does it keep you focused when writing?

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Love to learn...about the ways to stay focused.

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