Monday 17 April 2017

Author Spotlight: Cathryn Hein

Here at Breathless in the Bush, we love to celebrate our Aussie Authors. Our special guest for this month's Author Spotlight is the lovely Cathryn Hein. Welcome Cathryn!
What is one ‘must have’ when you are writing?

A glass of water. Writing can be thirsty work!

What are you reading at the moment?

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley. Finishing will mean I’ve read every one of her releases. Kearsley’s stories and writing are mesmerising.

Name one thing you’re scared of.

The stuff of nightmares! Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Crocodiles. I refused to play golf at a course in Townsville over Christmas because a 3.5 metre saltwater croc had taken up residence in one of the dams. No one else seemed to be too worried but I KNOW that thing would have sought me out.

Like to share something that recently made you happy?
Wayward Heart being winning favourite cover at the recent Australian Romance Reader Awards. That was so cool!

What is the last photo you took with your phone?

A photo of the dinner I was making – pot-roasted chicken with chorizo, leeks and cider from Rick Stein’s Spain cookbook. I love to cook and take a LOT of photos of food.

What is the premise of your latest book?

Wayward Heart is a friends-to-lovers romance about two broken people who discover unexpected strengths in each other, but one is hiding a damaging secret and someone wants it exposed.

What unique challenges did the book pose?

Keeping Digby and Jasmine sympathetic for the reader given their difficult backgrounds and life choices. Although it can be read as a stand-alone, Wayward Heart is also a follow-on story to Rocking Horse Hill, which meant I needed to bring readers up to speed about events in that book without info-dumping or boring those who already know the facts. It’s a tricky thing to manage.

What are you working on at the moment?

Edits for my next release. We’re still nutting out a title but I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about this book. I think it’s my best yet.

What is your writing schedule? Morning, afternoon or night?

Definitely mornings. I’m usually at work around 7am. I take a long break around 11 or 11.30, when I exercise and have lunch and sometimes read for a while, after which I return to work, finishing up around 5 or 5.30pm.

Are you a plotter, pantser or somewhere in between?

Somewhere in between. I was a pantser and I still think it’s my preferred way to write but I’ve learned that I make more efficient progress if I plot.

Do you listen to music as you write?

Sometimes. Every book is different. For example, I wrote April’s Rainbow with INXS’s “Afterglow” playing on a loop, while other books, like Wayward Heart, have had entire playlists. Almost every book I’ve written has had at least one theme song. The only exception to that so far is Summer and the Groomsman. I have no idea why. It just kind of worked out that way.

What do you love to love?

My Jim. Love him to bits.

What do you love to laugh at?

Pretty much everything, but lately I’ve been getting great joy from the Twitter feeds of 100% Goats and We Rate Dogs. They’re a hoot!

What do you love to learn about?

Food! I adore cooking and will happily spend hours in the kitchen, whipping up recipes. I also love eating out and trying new things.

Short Bio
Cathryn Hein is the best-selling author of ten rural romance and romantic adventure author novels, and regular Australian Romance Reader Awards finalist. A South Australian country girl by birth, she loves nothing more than a rugged rural hero who’s as good with his heart as he is with his hands, which is probably why she writes them! Her romances are warm and emotional, and feature themes that don’t flinch from the tougher side of life but are often happily tempered by the antics of naughty animals. Her aim is to make you smile, sigh, and perhaps sniffle a little, but most of all feel wonderful.
Cathryn currently lives at the base of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales with her partner of many years, Jim. When she’s not writing, she plays golf (ineptly), cooks (well), and in football season barracks (rowdily) for her beloved Sydney Swans AFL team.
Cathryn’s latest release is WAYWARD HEART, available in all good bookstores and online now.
Discover more about Cathryn and her stories at
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  1. Thanks for having me on your fab blog, ladies. Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful Easter.

  2. Hi Cathryn. I'm with you on the Croc. I don't think I'd be sinking too many holes in one knowing there was a croc in the dam. Looking forward to your newest release.

    1. I wouldn't have been able to hit the ball at all, Cassandra. Crocs... *shudder*

  3. Hi Cathryn! It's our pleasure to have you here. Hope the Easter bunny was kind to you and yours.
    Congratulations on winning the Favourite Cover at the ARRA Awards. Well-deserved (but, then, I love ALL your covers)!
    Do you have a title for your next book yet? I look forward to reading it.
    And 'Go the Swannies' (although, sadly, they're not exactly off to a good start. :(

    1. Hi Marilyn! The Easter Bunny has given us beeeoooootiful weather which is very appreciated. No chocolate though. Sadly.
      And yes on the new title front. It's called THE COUNTRY GIRL. The cover is being designed right now too. I can't wait to see what they come up with.
      As for my darling Swans... It's going to be a looooong season. Sigh.

  4. Hi Cathryn, I love it when you guest blog here. Congratulations on your wonderful 'cover' win for 'Wayward Heart' - I know it was my favourite one, so I was delighted when you won. So romantic. I didn't realise it was a follow up from 'Rocking Horse Hill' which I haven't read, so now they're both sitting on my Kindle. I don't blame you for not wanting to play golf near a 3+m croc, neither would I. Nasty critters. I haven't read any of Susannah Kearsley's books but I hear good things about them. Might bump them up the list, too. So many good books, so little time! Keep writing, I'll keep reading!

    1. Thanks Malvina! I was so thrilled when Wayward Heart won the cover award. I just love that cover to bits and very excited to see what Harlequin will come up with for THE COUNTRY GIRL.
      Thank you so, so much for buying both books. That's really kind of you and I wish you a lovely time with Em and Josh and Jas and Digby. And Granny B. Mustn't forget her.
      Oh, I hope you try a Kearsley. Can I recommend The Shadowy Horses? It's my absolute favourite of hers, although every one of them has been fabulous.

  5. Hi Cathryn. Very happy you won the ARRA award. Such a beautiful cover for a beautiful story. Looking forward to your latest. Love the title. Teeny bit jealous you live at the base of the Blue Mountains. My favourite place.

    1. Thanks Enisa. Harlequin did a brilliant job on Wayward Heart's cover. Fingers crossed they can do it again with The Country Girl.
      The mountains are gorgeous, aren't they? Stunning views, great history and excellent restaurants too. I've just learned that there are also glowworm tunnels. Definitely going to check those out!

  6. The Shadowy Horses sounds wonderful, I looked it up. Thanks! Always good to get a starting point with an author and a personal recommendation.

    1. I hope you enjoy it, Malvina. I thought it was beautiful.


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