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Conversion Romance!

Miranda's July Musings

I adore curling up in a comfy chair with a drink and a book, summer and winter, and reading the afternoon away. You? Well, yes, gorgeous people, of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. But some people aren't reading romance...! Shockingly sad fact. 

How to convert them to the treasures you love to read?! No-one shares your exact reading taste, but finding the right romance can set your new BFFs along a new and very happy reading path. The trouble is, which ones? 

Here are a few conversion suggestions. Limiting myself is killing me, a truly horrible dilemma, because I'm leaving hundreds and thousands out and it pains me to my soul. However...


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Flowers From the Storm by Laura Kinsale has to be one of the most beloved historicals ever. Christian Langland, Duke of Jerveaux, is a brilliant mathematician, but he's also a bit of a naughty boy (code for 'rake'). Horrifyingly, he's afflicted by a sudden stroke and his family thinks he's gone insane and lock him up in an asylum. Enter beautiful, quiet Quaker Maddy, who will be his saviour. This one will bring you to your knees, people. A beautiful, enduring story. 

Romantic Suspense 

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Open Seaon by Linda Howard is a fun pick. I could have chosen from a zillion others, like favourties Karen Robards or Nora Roberts, but this is an old bestie. It features librarian Daisy and Jack, a cop, two must-read characters. Boring old Daisy (she's not really, but she thinks she is) gives herself a make-over for her 34th birthday and goes out to party her new look at a nightclub. When she suddenly sees something she's not supposed to, and the villains know she saw it, Jack  comes to the rescue. This is a perfect combination of romantic suspense and humour. Tell your friends!


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None better here than Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, set in California's Gold Rush territory in the 1850's. Angel was sold into prostitution as a child, so imagine the life she's living. Along comes Michael Hosea, who obeys God's word to marry Angel and love her. This is not an easy road, folks, but it is beautiful. One to cherish.

Something fun

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Manhunting alerted me to relatively new author (back then) Jennifer Crusie. This made me laugh from beginning to end. Business woman Kate goes looking for Mr Right all wrong, to the amusement of Jake, who's sworn off high powered people like Kate forever. A lot of people converted when they read Crusie's Getting Rid of Bradley, but this one is even more fun, IMHO.

Something intense

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Darkling I Listen by Katherine Sutcliffe will grab hold of you and not let you go. Bad boy Hollywood actor Brandon, a flawed hero if there ever was one, is released from gaol, only to discover the dark forces that worked to put him in there are still out there... Alyson, a reporter, stumbles into this dark mess and the two get caught up in very tense things. Very tense. Very. Read it with the doors locked. 

Something supernaturally vampire-y

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Dark Lover by JR Ward made a lot of people sit up and discover there's more to supernatural romance than ever before. These are the good guys (vampires, think Angel on steroids +) battling big bad guys (vampire slayers). BIG bad guys. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is intense and compelling. You'll just want to keep reading the series because they're all amazing.

Wild card 

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne was a wonderful discovery. This is fresh, fun, flirty and inventive, a game changer in romance. It's an office romance (love them) between a geek and a chronic crowd-pleaser, at war with each other. Ridiculous scenarios ensue that somehow work fabulously well.

There's so many I've left off, so heartbreaking not to even mention them in this conversion kit. Happily, if none of these appeal there are lists out there, such as: All About Romance's top 100, and always fun recommendations on Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Book Thingo. So much to choose from.

What would you choose? Have you got a Top 5? What romances would you use to convert to a non-romance reader?

Tell all darlings,

Love from Miranda xx

Love to love: Game changer romances.

Love to laugh: At Marilyn's game name here: 'oodle' fun. My new name according to the rules is Moodleroodlendoodle. I could get used to that! 😊

Love to learn: What you've been reading lately. Any conversion romances? 


  1. Morning Miranda

    Fabulous list there and although I have not read any of them (sad I know) I do have some of them on my massive TBR pile which of course just keeps growing daily LOL

    Choosing 5 is very hard for me and I am sure my list would change daily depending on my mood :) but I will try

    The Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn it is hard to choose my favourite in this series sorry

    Claiming the Courtesan Anna Campbell another historical

    I have just finished reading The Outback Brides series as well and wow they are fabulous rural romances and a must read you will get all of the emotions through these 4 books Maggie's Way Kelly Hunter, Belle's Secret Victoria Purman, Elsa's Stand Cathryn Heir and Holly's Heart Fiona McArthur

    Slave to Sensation Nalini Singh my very first paranormal and it will always be my favourite the start to such an awesome series

    So many romantic suspense authors I love as well any of Bronwyn Parry's, Helene Young or Sarah Barrie

    And I can't go without mentioning the Harlequin Mills & Boon that I read and here there are so many different series available as to what you feel like reading from medical to paranormal too many to name

    sorry picking favourites has always been hard for me :)

    Have Fun

  2. Helen, picking favourites for 'conversion' romance is an almost impossible task, and so subjective. Each new fabulous book we read is our new fave! But wow, *every* *single* *author* you mention is so incredible, and so easy to introduce to friends who haven't read them. They'll get hooked from the first page, guaranteed. Love love love your suggestions - read them everyone! - and thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. I'm going to have to read Darkling I listen. It's the only one on your list I haven't read.

    1. Oh my goodness yes, Cassandra. It's a powerful book, one which still sends shivers down my spine. A very damaged hero - but one you can love. Let me know what you think! At least we're on par with the other ones. Any other suggestions for a conversion romance?

  4. Hi Miranda, I loved reading “Flowers From The Storm”. It was so different from any other romance novel I’ve read. A real page turner. The other historical romance I absolutely love is “The Winter Bride” by Anne Gracie. Thanks for the recommendations. So many great romance novels still to read.

    1. Oh yes, Winter Bride is so lovely, Sharon. In fact I did consider it - and it could so easily be a 'conversion romance'. Anne Gracie is such a marvellous author, always.

  5. Hi Miranda,

    Of your list, I have read all but Linda Howard's 'Open Season'. How did I miss it? I love her writing. Of my personal top picks, Nora Roberts is up there way up high for me. Love everything she writes.

    1. I think the reason I enjoyed 'Open Season' was a bit more humour than in other books by Linda Howard. I'm always happy to laugh while I getting my chills and thrills in romantic suspense! And of *course* Nora Roberts is amazing, Enisa. I'm also a total fan! Every book is a winner.

  6. Hi Miranda! Jennifer Crusie is one of my must-read authors. I love her books - they make me laugh out loud. And, as Enisa says, Nora Roberts is totally wonderful. We also have some fabulous Aussie rural romance authors whose books would easily convert non-romance readers. I just finished Cathryn Hein's Wayward Heart and loved it. Penelope Janu's In at the Deep End is great, too.

    1. I loved Wayward Heart too, Marilyn. Just gorgeous. And thanks for the tip about In At The Deep End - I haven't (shock!) read that one. So many special books to choose as absolute conversion romances. So hard to keep the list small, because - well, just because... Too many fabulous romance authors!


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