Monday 17 July 2017

Author Spotlight: Alli Sinclair

The focus of this month's Author Spotlight is the gorgeous Alli Sinclair. She's a favourite of ours here on the Breathless Blog, having written several guest posts for us. (After you've read the interview, scroll all the way down to find a special offer to celebrate Alli's latest release.)
Welcome Alli!

What are you currently reading?

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I usually have two books on the go – one non-fiction and one fiction. Currently I’m reading Mae West’s biography which is really amazing. Mae West did a lot for asserting the rights of women being paid fairly in Hollywood and her life story is intriguing. I’m also reading The Little Breton Bistro by Nina George. This is the second book of Nina’s and I am absolutely loving it. Her characters have a lot of depth, are all very different to each other, and the storyline is captivating. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

What is the premise of your latest book?

Beneath the Parisian Skies is a sweeping saga about love, truth, grief and passion — and what it takes to fulfil a dream. Australian Lily Johannson goes to Paris to make amends with her turbulent past but the only way she can move forward is to unravel a one-hundred-year-old mystery about the Ballets Russes. She enlists the help of a dashing Frenchman, of course, and along the way Lily discovers who she really is and what she wants in life—especially with love.

With Bohemian Paris, classic French and Russian artistry woven into the story, Beneath the Parisian Skies takes readers on an emotional and cultural journey. Readers can enjoy the experience of travelling through beautiful Paris from the comfort of their armchair—no passport required!

Are you a plotter, pantser or somewhere in between?

I’m definitely a tweenie. I do love to plot as I can’t start a story without knowing the basic storyline and who my characters are, but as my work contains lots of historical facts, I sometimes discover new information as I’m writing and that can take the plot in a different direction. I also have characters barge their way onto the page and I let them stay there as long as they serve a purpose. It’s often quite intriguing what they bring to the story and sometimes their role is pivotal and I had no idea until they appeared out of nowhere!

What is the last photo you took on your phone?

It was of my daughter who received a bunch of flowers from a dear friend in England. My daughter played soccer with a fractured foot (we didn’t know it was fractured at the time) and my friend in England was super impressed (he loves soccer) and his daughter wanted to give my daughter a get well hug. So to save the expense of a plane ticket, my friend and his family sent flowers. I do have the most caring and lovely friends. I’m so lucky!

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What do you love to love?

Love to see people reaching for the dreams and, even better, achieving them.

What do you love to laugh at?

When my hubby and kids and I find a joke so funny that we’re all laughing hysterically then someone snorts and we all laugh at each other laughing—pure joy.

What do you love to learn about?

I love to learn about strong women who have taken on the world, despite the odds, and followed their passion regardless. They are such wonderful role models for people in all stages of life and the more we talk about these amazing women, the more inspired people will be to follow their own paths and inspire others.


Alli Sinclair is a multi award-winning author of books that combine travel, mystery, and romance. An adventurer at heart, Alli has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and immersed herself in an array of exotic destinations, cultures, and languages. Alli’s stories capture the romance and thrill of exploring new destinations and cultures that also take readers on a journey of discovery.

Alli volunteers as an author role model with Books in Homes, promoting literacy and reading amongst young Australians.

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Alli has written a free e-novella that is the prequel to Beneath the Parisian Skies. To download it, use any of the following links:


  1. Hi Alli! Congratulations on your latest release. Love the cover and it sounds fabulous! Can't wait to read it. I'm about to download the prequel, too - thanks so much for the freebie :). I really empathize with you loving to laugh with your family - one of my greatest joys is to sit around with my boys and their girls and their babies and just enjoy their company.

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn! And thank you, I love the cover as well! I'm a luck lass that my publisher is so very good at creating such beautiful covers. Ooh - happy reading with the prequel! And yes, there's a lot to be said for just being in the moment with family. :-)

  2. Hi Alli, thank you for sharing some of your writing secrets with us. "Beneath the Parisian Skies" sounds fascinating. I am about to purchase a copy.

    1. Oh, thank you, Sharon! I hope you enjoy your travels to Paris in my book!

  3. Hi Alli. Nice to know another who is neither a plotter nor a pantser but something in between. Writing takes many forms, doesn't it? Love the sound of your latest novel, and thanks for the freebie prequel. Very generous. And I, too, love Nina George. 'The Little Paris Bookshop' is on my keeper shelf.

    1. Hello Enisa! Yes, writing definitely takes many forms and I find each book has its own way of being written. And thank you - glad you like the sound of the book! Yes, Nina George is an amazing writer and I have the pleasure of meeting her in person in October. I can't wait!

  4. Hi Alli. I love a good inside joke that leaves everyone in hysterics. laughing is so good for the soul. I'm a tweenie too although I usually go by outliner. Not sure if it is exactly the same but close enough. Some lucky person is going to win that prequel - very jealous.

    1. Hello Cassandra! Yes, a good inside joke really bonds people, for sure. I think there are a few of us tweenies out there! Ah, the prequel is for everyone! It's a freebie so you can download it onto whichever device you read e-book on or if you don't have one, you can download it as a PDF to read on the computer. Ta dah - everyone wins! :-)


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