Monday 14 February 2022

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Writers

by Enisa Haines

Ⓒ Enisa Haines

It's Valentine's Day today, the day we can tell the people most important to us they are loved. What to gift them? We all love a dazzling bouquet of fragrant red roses, chocolates temptingly displayed in a heart-shaped box, a teddy bear or a sparkling piece of jewelry, but gifting our loved ones something unique, something more personal, shows how much they mean to us. And if our loved ones are writers here's a list of gifts that will let them know how very special they are.

1. Paper roses

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If your writer loves flowers then a rose made to order from the hand-cut pages of a preloved copy of their favourite novel, each petal shaped by hand, will be sure to inspire.

2. Journal

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For writers who love to write by hand, whether to jot down ideas for characters, settings, conflicts or plots, or to write the complete story, journals with inspiring cover illustrations like the one above are gifts they'll treasure.

3. Feather Quill or Fountain Pen

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What better way to inspire writing by hand than to hold a feather quill like those used by beloved authors of long ago.

4. Week/Month/Year Planner

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Organising a week or month or year is a great way for writers to then focus on writing and keep track of their progress and other goals such as manuscript submission and book publication dates.

5. Online Writing Course/Writing-Editing Software/Creative Tools Subscription

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Whether a beginning writer or a successful author with multiple books published, mastering storytelling is the common goal. Ways to achieve that include enrolling in online writing courses, enlisting the aid of writing or editing software or subscribing to online sites such as One Stop for Writers that provide creative tools.

6. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

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If background noise is distracting then noise-cancelling headphones are just what a creative muse needs.

7. Kindle-Unlimited Subscription

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Every writer loves to read so the gift of a digital subscription to accessing millions of books is one they'll be grateful for.

8. Writer's Clock

Writer's clock - Enisa Haines

When immersed in writing, writers often lose track of time. With a special writer's clock, they'll always know the time for the next task.

9. Ergonomic Chair or Coccyx Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

coccyx and lumber support - Enisa Haines

Writers can spend hours seated at their computers, often with bad posture that leads to sciatica, lower back or tailbone pain. Sitting in an ergonomic chair will alleviate pressure on the coccyx/tailbone, relieve sciatic nerve pain, support the back's curve and provide healthy posture. If the budget doesn't allow for a chair, then a coccyx seat cushion and lumbar support pillow giving the same benefits can turn a bad chair into a good chair.

10. Writer's Retreat

Getting away from the responsibilities of daily life to a place where focus is solely on writing is every writer's dream. Time away at a writing retreat surrounded by other writers inspires motivation and lets creativity flow. 

Writer's retreat - Enisa Haines

Would the writer in your life like one of these gifts? Or is there something else they'd love to receive? 

Love to love: writing by hand. My creativity loves it too!

Love to laugh: romantic comedies are always fun.

Love to learn: for all things writing, One Stop for Writers is the subscription to have!