Guest Blogging on Breathless

So you want to be a guest blogger with Breathless in the Bush…fantastic! We love our monthly guests and we want you to feel right at home so we’ve put together a bullet point list (below) to help you.

  • The topic of the post is your choice. You can write about the writing craft, your personal passions with regard to writing/reading, or you could tie romance writing/reading into your latest book (e.g. Cassandra Samuels wrote about ravens because they feature in her book 'A Scandalous Wager'). We're totally flexible with topics as long as they are geared for a romance reading/writing audience. 
  • Being informed of the title of the post at least 2 weeks in advance will enable us to include it in the sidebar schedule of events. 
  • Articles need to be 400-600 words, submitted in an unformatted Word.doc. 
  • Include up to 6 JPEG graphics and ‘courtesy of’ links to coincide with your article—each sent in a separate attachment.  You can include an author pic and a book cover. Please ensure that all graphics are free to use.
  • Please complete these sentences and include them at the bottom of your article:
I love to love...<complete sentence>.
I love to laugh...<complete sentence>.
I love to learn...<complete sentence>.
(Examples can be found at the end of any of our posts. These are designed to show a more personal side to the blogger, and accompanying graphics make them more fun.)
  • You can include a discussion question at the end of the post. (Please see previous posts for examples.)
  • All articles and graphics are to be received one week prior to posting, allowing the Breathless team to ensure there are no technical/grammar/punctuation/spelling issues.
  • We also advise that content submitted may be edited or abridged prior to us posting it on our blog. 
  • Guest bloggers should reply to comments Monday to Friday during the week of posting, but  there is no set time that it must be done (to allow for different work and life schedules). 
  • Posts go 'live' at 5:00am Monday morning.
  • Breathless bloggers promote guest blogs throughout the week, but guest bloggers should market too. We suggest you start promoting the day prior to your post going live and re-promo throughout the week in order to keep the momentum going.
  • For published authors, please include a 2-3 sentence teaser for your upcoming release, as well as buy links.  (Unfortunately we don't have the space for long blurbs.)
Don’t be shy! You're part of the family now. Be sure to let Marilyn Forsyth ( know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
We love to love...our guest bloggers.
We love to the various tales you tell.
We love to learn...from the myriad experiences you've had and share with us.