Monday 26 November 2018

Excerpts from 'A Very Aussie Christmas' Anthology

By the Breathless in the Bush Bloggers

Restore your faith in the power of the human spirit with 6 warm-hearted romances. Celebrate the joy and occasional heartbreak of the festive season, where love shines through against the odds. For all lovers of a little romance at Christmas time, here are some excerpts from our Christmas anthology A Very Aussie Christmas.

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Endings, Beginnings by Enisa Haines

Ash-blonde hair fashioned into a loose bun framed a face deserving of an angel. Eyes the blue of sapphires. Wide eyes emanating an internal agony. He lost himself in the depths, in an emotion he’d never before felt.

Was it possible to fall in love in an instant? His sisters, ever reading those penny dreadful novels, would say ‘yes’.

Desert Fire by Sharon Bryant

White Cliffs. The battered black sign appeared on her right. Littered with holes as if someone had taken a shotgun to it. Emma turned the car. No more main road. Much safer. She frowned. She was being ridiculous. Her stalker didn’t know where she was going.

He couldn’t possibly know.

’Tis the Season by Lynne Boyd

Why the hell was Mr Immaculate going to her parents' place? Was he a salesman or someone from a mining company trying to harass them? On Christmas Eve! What if he was from the bank? Had her parents been keeping problems from her and her brothers?

Well, Kelly would find out soon enough.

Christmas at Castle Bay by Helene Cowan

A class reunion ball on Christmas Eve... Ella’s blood chilled. Callum Anders would be there! No way could she face him. Not even after ten years. The raw bitterness between their families, the public scandal, was still unforgettable. Having to confront him after all this time would be truly embarrassing. Yet how could she avoid the ball?

Millie’s Christmas Miracle by Cassandra Samuels

“Millie, hurry.” Her father’s booming voice broke through the hum of the dining room. “It’s Will.”

Her heart stopped. Will? A smile broke out across her face. Her William was back!

He’d left her twelve long months ago, promising to be back by Christmas. When no letters came, she’d feared something terrible had happened and she had fallen into despair. But Will always kept his promises and now here he was.

Home for Christmas by Marilyn Forsyth

Melissa had no right to begrudge her mother a life after Dad’s passing, but an invitation extended to Doc Bailey for Christmas lunch? What the hell? If she’d been uncertain about the relationship developing between her mother and the doc, that settled it.

Still, if she could finally allow herself to move on, she should allow her mother to do the same.

Shouldn’t she?

We Love to Love peace and joy at Christmas!

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We Love to Learn what each of us will choose for our favourite 2018 Aussie Romance book (to be announced on the Breathless List in January). 

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  1. Congratulations on your gorgeous looking anthology, ladies!

    1. Thanks Cathryn! People seem to be enjoying it, which is lovely.

    2. Thanks, Cathryn. We had a fun time putting it together.

  2. I loved writing my story, receiving feedback from each of the group members then polishing it further until it was as good as I could make it. It was so much fun reading the other group members’ stories and offering suggestions for possible changes.

  3. It was also a lovely read! So many different stories, each distinctly Aussie but no two alike. Congratulations, girls!


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