Monday 23 March 2020

Welcome to Our Guest Blogger, Cindy Davies!

Hello everyone, I'm Cindy Davies, romantic suspense author. Thank you for joining me today! You can read more about me on my website.  The novels I'm talking about today are The Afghan Wife and The Revolutionary's Cousin.

The Afghan Wife is set in Iran during the volatile times of the Iranian Revolution. Zahra, mother and widow, is coerced by her cousin Firzun to travel from Afghanistan to Iran, posing as his wife. When she's reacquainted with wealthy, handsome Karim, sparks fly. It's a strict society - she's off limits because she's 'married'. Then a dramatic turn of events means Karim can declare his forbidden love and offer Zahra and her son a new life in America.

In the sequel, The Revolutionary's Cousin, Zahra's cousin forces her and her son to travel to Australia with him, then abandons them at the airport. Unable to contact Karim, frightened and alone in a foreign country, Zahra tries to overcome her ordeals and make a new life. Although desperate to get in touch with her, Karim's destiny takes a different path in the USA. Will Karim's persistence and love for Zahra be enough to succeed in his quest to find her?

In both novels my heroine is often in danger. In Iran, she's threatened in the street. In Australia she's suspected of drug smuggling, approached by an assassin, has to identify a body... In the USA, Karim is investigated by the FBI. He meets another woman. Will he stay true to Zahra?

In the strict society of Iran it's 'immodest' to look into a man's eyes, but Zahra dreams about Karim's honey-coloured eyes! He forgets he's not in the States and embraces Zahra when she's upset. Shocked, she pulls away, secretly longing to stay in his arms and inhale the scent of him...

The Afghan Wife  was placed third in the RWAmerica NY Chapter Competition 2018, and I've recently been awarded a ten-week writer's residency in Devon UK to work on novel #3, Unaccompanied Baggage. (Editor's note: congratulations, Cindy!)

I hope I can show my readers that love can flourish whatever the cultural setting.

Have you ever been really attracted to someone when you were teenagers, then met again after ten years? Was the attraction still there?

Please share your experiences of being stuck and alone either overseas or in a strange town in Australia... How did you feel?


Love to Love:
Happy endings... like my daughter's wedding in March 2020!

Love to Laugh:
About things which seemed important in the past and are now irrelevant.

Love to Learn:
About people from different cultures. 


  1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your books. They certainly sound intriguing. In these crazy times I hope you'll be able to get a deferment for your residency. Such a wonderful opportunity!

  2. Hi Cindy Love the sound of your books. Thank you for being a guest on the blog. There must have been a lot of research involved in the writing of these books.

  3. I loved both of these books = recommended reading especially during these 'socially isolated' times!

  4. Your books are fabulous, Cindy - congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your publications Cindy! The plot lines sound riveting and I love the covers, too.

  6. Cindy, how wonderful to have you on the blog. I absolutely adore the sounds of your books and have downloaded them to read. I guess your residency is now 'on hold' but I do hope you can make it there another time. All the best for your third book!


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