Monday 17 August 2020

Multiple Time Lines

 by Nicole Hurley-Moore

Hi everyone and it’s lovely to be here again.


I’ve just started writing a couple of new stories and I noticed that I’m beginning to use multiple time lines more often. I really love that you can give so much depth by using different time lines.

In my latest book, The McCalister Legacy the contemporary story of Berry McCalister coming back to her hometown as an adult is the main focus. She hasn’t been back to Harlington since her family was ripped apart by tragedy when she was a child. However, I also used two additional time periods to add more dimensions and maybe even give the reader a hint of what is actually going on.  The first is in 2007 when Berry is a child and the second is from 1906.

I used dual time lines in Lawson’s Bend as well. The main story takes place in 2018 and the second time line is from ten years earlier. In this book the second time line reveals what happened and you are given an insight into the thoughts and the actions of the characters at that time. This helps to add weight to how they react in the present story line.

Personally, I always get a kick out of reading and writing different time lines. I have to admit I love the 1906 story within The McCalister Legacy. It’s about a little kid who follows a rabbit, gets a bit lost and discovers … well, I guess that that bit is a secret.

So what do you think? Do you have a favourite dual time line story? 

I love to watch Korean dramas (no, seriously they’re great and if you’re a hopeless/hopeful romantic like me, you’ll love them too. Thank goodness for Netflix!)

I love to laugh with my family over a good comedy

I love to learn anything new – from a skill, to a recipe to a new language.

Author Bio: A lover of the quiet and peaceful surrounds of the Australian countryside, Nicole Hurley-Moore lives with her family in a rural town in the Victorian Central Highlands and writes full-time. A fan of happily-ever-afters, she writes contemporary rural stories but being a closet medievalist has her occasionally dabbling in the odd medieval tale. Other works by Nicole are McKellar's Run, Hartley's Grange, Country Roads and White Gum Creek.

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  1. Hi Nicole! I love reading and writing dual timelines. Some of my favourite authors who do this really well are Barbara Erskine, Susannah Kearsley, Barbara Hannay and Annie Seaton. The McCalister Legacy sounds fab - hope it goes gangbusters for you.

  2. Hi Nicole! I took some convincing with dual/multiple story lines back (waaaaay back) when they started to appear. But now? Total fan. I love the history, the research the authors put into them (thankyou), the things you learn, and just knowing that romance keep the world going. Also the way the different story lines dovetail just 'so' and you've got a brilliant and memorable book to enjoy. Keep them coming@!

  3. A dual time line when done right can be such a great read. Thanks for being on the blog today Nicole.

  4. Thanks Cassandra - it's lovely to be back on Breathless in the Bush. :)

  5. Dual time lines have fast become a favourite. I especially love reading the story set in the past. I learn a lot about how life was then. Your story is intriguing. Must check it out.

  6. Hi Nicole, my favourite dual time romance novel is Juliet by Anne Fortier. Thank you for sharing information about your novels. The McCalister Legacy has me particularly intrigued.


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